What is tactile defensiveness?

Answer Tactile defensiveness, also known as sensory defensiveness, is often seen in children with sensory integration disorder or children who are on the autism spectrum. Children with tactile defensivene... Read More »

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How to Avoid Defensiveness About Politics?

Measure your responses.As a conservative, liberal or moderate -- does too much time and energy get wasted on "defensiveness," which may mean rather extreme strategy or tactics when they may be unne... Read More »

What is tactile stimulation?

If you have ever burned your hand on a hot stove, gone swimming or buried your face in your dog's fluffy top coat, you have experienced a form of tactile stimulation. The skin is the largest organ ... Read More »

What is a tactile learner?

The term tactile, or kinesthetic, refers to a way of processing information that often makes it difficult for students to learn. These individuals retain information more easily when given a hands-... Read More »

What is tactile imagery?

Tactile imagery is the description of how something feels, such as hot or cold, soft, coarse or slimy. It is the mental image or understanding that is provoked by the sense of touch.ImageryTactile ... Read More »