What is tablature?

Answer Tablature is a system of music notation indicating finger position rather than musical pitches. Commonly used for fretted instruments such as the guitar, it is sometimes used in organ music as well... Read More »

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How to Read Tablature?

Tablature is how guitarist write down music. It also applies to other types of guitarists such as bass, banjo, ukulele, etc...

How to Write Guitar Tablature?

Tablature is a straight forward, easy to learn method of transcribing music that is well-suited to beginners and accomplished musicians alike. This guide offers an introduction into the tablature, ... Read More »

How to Play Guitar Tablature?

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How to Play Guitar by Tablature & Symbols?

The guitar is among the most popular instruments in the world with a purported 50 million players worldwide. An early obstacle for many players is the inability to play songs by popular musicians.... Read More »

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