What is diastolic&systolic pressure?

Answer Blood pressure is the amount of pressure that blood exerts against artery walls as it flows through them. The pressure results from the heart pumping blood through the body and the force created as... Read More »

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While measuring BP which sound is systolic pressure?

Usually it's the first of continuous, but you shouldn't be taking your own blood pressure with the stethascope in your own ears, you are bound to hear other of your own sounds and misinterpret the ... Read More »

What if your systolic and diastolic pressure is high?

Hypertension is typically treated with medication. Depending on your blood pressure readings, the doctor will prescribe meds to lower your blood pressure to an acceptable reading; often a beta bloc... Read More »

Can gatorade raise systolic blood pressure?

On One Hand: Gatorade Does Not Contain CaffeineGatorade does not contain caffeine, which can raise your systolic blood pressure. As far as sports drinks go for those monitoring their blood pressure... Read More »

What's the difference between systolic and dystolic in blood pressure?

Systolic blood pressure is the pressure of heart exerted when expelling blood out from its ventricles while Dystolic blood pressure is the "entry" of blood into heart. Normally blood pressure readi... Read More »