What is synthesis?

Answer Synthesis means combining two or more components or elements to make something new. Synthesis is found in science (i.e. chemistry and biochemistry), electronics, as well as speech and sound creatio... Read More »

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What Is Speech Synthesis?

Speech synthesis, the act of artificially producing the human voice, has myriad uses in the world today. These systems can either talk to somebody, as in a video game or on a telephone voice prompt... Read More »

What gas would be produced by a synthesis reaction of carbon and oxygen?

Carbon monoxide is produced when oxygen and carbon are mixed together. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can cause illness and eventually death with exposure. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, ... Read More »

Do steroids inhibit prostaglandin synthesis?

The short answer is yes. The prostate creates prostaglandins, which are hormones that regulate smooth muscle tissue. They are a subclass of molecules known as "eicosanoids" because they contain 20 ... Read More »

How does the synthesis of urea work?

Urea can be synthesized in either a laboratory or in a factory setting. The basic elements that form urea are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. Urea is produced commercially by combining anhy... Read More »