How to Teach Swimming Lessons Like an Expert Swimming Instructor?

Answer Teachng a 5 yr. old the Side BreathingHave you ever desired to teach swimming lessons more effectively? Have you ever wondered how you could teach your swim school staff members to improve their te... Read More »

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Is a salt water swimming pool or an ozone swimming pool healthier if your dog drinks the water?

AnswerI suspect that you're asking if it's better to have a chlorinated pool..the chlorine being produced by a generator producing chlorine from salt..or a pool without chlorine, that is sanitized ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Top on While Swimming?

Some swimming tops are notorious for coming off when you take a dive into the pool or even a quick duck under the water. It can result in embarrassment and even a desire not to go near the water. T... Read More »

How to Choose a Swimming Cap?

A swimming cap helps protect your hair from chlorine, keeps your head warm in colder water, and helps keep long hair out of your face. Wearing a swimming cap also allows for faster swimming speeds ... Read More »

How to Train for an 100 in Swimming?

An editor has suggested a title changeTrain for a 100 in Swimming In accordance with the title policy, titles should be the most concise, most commonly searched way to describe the content. To sugg... Read More »