What is sweet oil used for?

Answer Sweet oil is olive oil that has not been purified. It is called sweet oil because of its sweet taste.Ear InfectionsSweet oil has been used to treat ear infections for many years. It is only safe t... Read More »

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What is used in sugarless gum that makes it sweet?

While sugared gum has a natural sugar called glucose as a sweetener, sugarless gum manufacturers use sugar alcohols called polyols. Xylitol and sorbitol are the two most common sugar substitutes us... Read More »

Can sweet Annie be used fresh?

Sweet Annie can be used fresh. It can be used as a filler in fresh bouquets or even in a corsage or boutonniere. It is very fragrant, so do not use it by people who have allergies to flowers.Refere... Read More »

Why in some sweet cakes & cookies recipe salt is used?

The small amount of salt that one adds to a recipe is not enough to make it taste salty. It is enough to being out the sweetness. By putting in the salt, you bring out the sweetness. It is subtle ... Read More »

Can the chemical used to create the artificial sweet taste in Pepsi Max actually contribute to developing...?

All artificial sweeteners should be consumed with caution, imo. They have passed the FDA tests which allow them to be added to food and drink which suggests that they are "safe." However, this i... Read More »