What is a swamp cooler?

Answer A swamp cooler (more formally called an evaporative cooler) is a simple device that cools by evaporation. It's essentially a large box-like construction that contains a big fan (higher volume, lowe... Read More »

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What temperature is swamp cooler air?

Answer It is a function of the "dew point" of the air at any given moment. If relative humidity is high, the dew point will also be high and the swamp cooler air will be relatively warm. If relativ... Read More »

When you see gas bubbling up out of a swamp what is in the water?

What is the best fan or a small swamp cooler?

What channel is swamp brothers on if you have dish network?

If you are not getting your satellite signal after a storm, unplug the receiver from the electrical outlet for 10 seconds. After plugging back in, the receiver will reboot. It will take about 5 min... Read More »