What Is a Swag Bag?

Answer Swag bags historically referred to burglarized content in a sack that was swung haphazardly over-the shoulder after a heist. The modern connotation is much more appealing. It is an adult goodie bag... Read More »

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What is swag bucks and is it legit?

It's a search engine like google, but you get rewarded sometimes with points. The points can be used to buy things from the shop. I've gotten things off there before so it's a legit site.

What does swag mean in slang?

The slang term "swag" refers to free giveaways offered by various companies at conventions. For example, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), video game developers give away items such as T-s... Read More »

What type of Swag do you think Michael Jackson Had?

Yes!! He had the "Im hot" and the "u know u want me sawg" But u could tell he had more swag when he got older, when he was younger like in his afro times, he never had swag.The older he grew the mo... Read More »

What Are Elegant Alternatives to Swag Lamps in the Bathroom?

Swag lamps were first introduced in the 1950's and became very popular in the 1970s because they could be hung by a ceiling hook without the need for specialty wiring. They were also created primar... Read More »