What is surgical debridement?

Answer Wound debridement is a process of removing unhealthy tissue to facilitate wound healing. Surgical debridement is one of four debridement methods. The others are enzymatic debridement, which is the ... Read More »

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How can I tighten my anus Surgical or non surgical?

i don't think they make @ss kegel exercise

Debridement Certification?

Nurses, and in some states physical therapists, have a special ability and responsibility to care for their patients' wounds. Hospitals in particular see many surgical and trauma related-wounds whi... Read More »

What is cross hatching in debridement?

Cross hatching is a pattern of lines running at right angles to one another, like an expanded tic-tac-toe board. With regard to debridement, cross hatching is the procedure of roughing up an area o... Read More »

Irrigation & Debridement Procedures?

Irrigation and debridement procedures are an aspect of wound care. Irrigation is a precautionary method to help prevent the development of infections. Debridement is conducted to remove dead or unh... Read More »