What is an example of surface tension?

Answer Surface tension is an interesting property of liquids that causes the molecules at the liquid closest to the air to bind more solidly to other molecules, creating a slightly denser layer of liquid.... Read More »

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How to Measure Surface Tension?

Surface tension refers to resistance properties of liquid substances on some force. The properties can cause a denser object, such as insects and some reptiles, to be able to float on the water's s... Read More »

How to Teach Surface Tension to the 4th Grade?

The surface of water has minimized surface area, which causes a phenomenon called surface tension, when the water particles of water are tightly bound to each other. When you teach basic physics to... Read More »

Surface Tension Science Projects?

Surface tension is caused by the cohesive and adhesive properties of water and other liquids, which allow them to resist other forces. Surface tension makes it possible for water to form droplets, ... Read More »

Surface Tension Activities for Third Grade?

Students enjoy science activities because the activities allow them to understand and see scientific principles in a new way. Help students better understand the principles of surface tension --- h... Read More »