What is supply chain management in SAP?

Answer SAP is a software vendor that sells enterprise resource planning, PLM and financial management software. SAP supply chain management (SCM) is a procurement and inventory module within with SAP's ER... Read More »

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What is the meaning of supply chain management?

Supply chain management refers to the concept of actively managing a supply chain, or the chain of organizations and producers that are each involved in creating a product and getting it to market... Read More »

What Is Supply Chain Management Software?

Supply chain management software helps businesses keep track of all resources needed to create a product. The software manages the planning of the process, including supplier information, costs and... Read More »

What is a supply chain management distribution?

Supply chain management distribution deals with the management and logistics of getting goods to customers via various modes such as air, sea, rail and road. It involves the process management of g... Read More »

What is modularization in supply chain management?

Supply chain management obtains raw materials (inputs), turns them into useful products and distributes them to customers (outputs). Modularization focuses on the input side of this process; rathe... Read More »