What is superwash wool?

Answer Wool, the protein fiber from sheep, felts together and shrinks when washed by machine. Superwash wool has been treated to keep this from happening.Natural WoolUnder a microscope wool fiber looks li... Read More »

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What is Wool Fabric?

Wool fabric is among the few natural fabrics used to produce many of today's clothing and domestic items. Wool is comprised of the natural wool fibers grown on sheep, although fibers from other ani... Read More »

What Is Superfine Wool?

Superfine wool can be made from cashmere, merino and camel hair, and requires specific kinds of production techniques. It is used to make men's and women's suits, coats, jackets, sweaters and also... Read More »

What Is the Difference in Wool Fabrics?

Wool is a textile product that, because of its insulating ability, is usually used to make clothing appropriate for cold weather. It can be distinguished from other fabrics by its crimped fibers, w... Read More »

What is worsted wool yarn?

For knitters, hand spinners and home sewers, the term worsted wool describes a yarn weight, a spinning technique and a type of fabric.HistoryThe term worsted comes the English village Worstead. In ... Read More »