What is super stinky ears in a dog a symptom of?

Answer In a healthy dog, its ears should be free of discharges and odors. Foul smelling ears, are more likely than not, indicative of a medical condition requiring veterinary attention.CausesThe most comm... Read More »

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Stinky Ears in Dogs?

Stinky or sickly sweet smelling ears in dogs should not be ignored. Normal, healthy dog ears do not have an odor. If a dog's ears begin to stink, it is a sign of an infection or infestation of ear ... Read More »

My sister has super stinky feet....we tried everything?

Gauging your ears :) I think it looks super, how about you?

Pet Peeve- It's called stretching, not "gauging". Gauging is some term teens seemed to have come up with when "gauge" is only used in reference to the size jewelry placed in a piercing.Stretching a... Read More »

I stretched my ears 2 days ago to a 2g but one of my ears still hurts?

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