How to Add Sulfites to Wine?

Answer Sulphites aren't a necessary addition to wine prior to bottling, but many winemakers use the compound to prevent bacteria from growing in the wine and to prevent oxidation. Sulphites also lengthen ... Read More »

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Does ice wine have sulfites?

Yes, ice wine contains sulfites. According to, sulfites are salts that help prevent wine from oxidizing, which ruins its taste. Sulfites develop during yeast fermentation, and are... Read More »

How to Live With an Allergy to Sulfites?

Sulfites occur naturally in some foods. They are also commonly added to many foods and drugs to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, stop foods from becoming discolored, and maintain the streng... Read More »

Food & Drink Containing Sulfites?

Sulfites are sulphur-based compounds. These can occur naturally in foods. Sulfites are added to some foods, mostly to act as a preservative. Six sulfites are used in conjunction with food and drink... Read More »

Do potato chips contain sulfites?

Some potato chips do contain sulfites. Any food product containing sulfites must list the sulfite-containing ingredient on the packing. Ingredients to look for that contain sulfite include sulfur d... Read More »