What is sugar alcohol?

Answer Rum essentially as it is made from sugar cane, still any alcohol we drink is in fact made from sugar it is just the source of said sugar that varies

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Is sugar alcohol also calssified as refined sugar?

Technically it is not a sugar. It is chemicals stripped off sugar but no granule. It is used mostly to trick people into buying sugar-free. But really it just more poison the liver has to filter.

What is sugar alcohol in sugar free candy ?

Sugar-alcohol is neither sugar nor alcohol though its chemical structure is similar to the two. Sugar-alcohol is a natural sweetener found in plants and fruits. It is lower in calories and doesn't ... Read More »

Blood Sugar Control - How to Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels With Alcohol?

This is an interesting topic as many people who have gone for their fasting glucose test are determined to bring their blood sugar levels down. So here it goes, drinking alcoholic beverages can low... Read More »

Is sugar alcohol bad for diabetes?

The effect of sugar alcohol on diabetes is unpredictable. Sugar alcohol is a reduced caloric sweetener. Read all labels prior to any dietary substitutions and diabetic meal exchanges and when possi... Read More »