What is a subsistence economic system?

Answer A subsistence economy is one in which people cooperate with nature and one another to obtain the food and shelter they need to survive. This type of economy relies on hunting, farming and building ... Read More »

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What does it mean to live in a subsistence level?

The phrase "subsistence level" refers to the minimal requirements necessary to meet physical needs such as shelter, food, clothing, and medical care in the case of an emergency. Many people in the ... Read More »

What is the meaning of subsistence farming?

Subsistence farming is a particular type of farming devoted entirely to the survival of the individuals who are working the land. There are many cultures who rely on subsistence farming.DefinitionS... Read More »

Do any of you practice self-subsistence farming If you do, what are you growing or raising and how do you ?

We live on a permaculture farm in the Pacific Northwest. We grow 90% of our own food.The "biggie" that we are unable to grow in this maritime climate is grain. Still have to get our wheat, and oa... Read More »

Does a military reservist receive Basic Allowance for Subsistence?

You may receive BAS if you are ordered to active duty and if BAS is authorized by your unit commander (and you are not issued a meal card).

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