What is subprime lending?

Answer Subprime lending is a mortgage loan option that's available to high-risk borrowers who have either bad credit scores or a high risk of default. Lenders tend to charge higher interest rates to these... Read More »

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How to Understand Subprime Lending Problem?

Everyone is talking about "credit crunch". This article helps to explain a little about the sub-prime lending problem and some of the factors that contributed to it. It does not try to offer advice... Read More »

Question about subprime lending.?

“Sub-prime lending” can mean different things to different financial institutions. In a nutshell, it refers to a loan that is high in risk because of credit history and/or a lot of debt that c... Read More »

What is a subprime rate?

Loans are made based on your credit and assets, and your ability to pay back the money. If you are considered to be a risk (i.e., have a low credit score due to your age, spending history, low inco... Read More »

What is a subprime mortgage?

A subprime mortgage is defined not by the type of loan but by the type of borrower. Subprime borrowers are people who can't qualify for the conventional mortgages and lower interest rates available... Read More »