What is subordinated debt?

Answer Subordinated debt is a form of debt that provides its holder with reduced claims on a firm's assets in return for a higher rate of return.DefinitionAccording to, subordinated debt ... Read More »

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What does subordinated debt mean?

A subordinated debt is a debt that takes a second or lower priority than a first debt on an asset. For example, a second mortgage is a subordinated debt to a first mortgage on a residence. If the h... Read More »

Typical Subordinated Debt?

Subordinated debt is generally a financial liability that is unsecured and entails minimum consequences if unpaid. If a debt is liquidated, all senior and secured debt will be paid off first. If as... Read More »

Definition of Subordinated Debt?

Subordinated debt, also known as a subordinated bond, debenture or junior debt, is a type of debt that is paid back after other (or primary) debts in the event a company falls into receivership, is... Read More »

What is the meaning of subordinated debt?

A subordinated debt is a debt that ranks below other claims on the assets of a business. This means that if a company defaults on its debt, the subordinated debt will be paid off only after higher-... Read More »