What is the fanfare music NBC uses in their Olympics coverage not the John Williams stuff the other stuff?

Answer shut up sucker

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Does anyone remember what children's TV show 'handy hints' the hand that helped them make stuff was in. They made stuff like dinosaurs out of milk bottles?

I remember that program too! But cant for the life of me remember the name and want to find out!! Did you find out?

What bad stuff did the CIA do in the Cold War?

The CIA conducted covert operations. If people knew what they did, they wouldn't be covert operations.

What can I stuff pillows with?

Pillows are used in the bedroom and on couches and chairs to soften the decor and to add a splash of color. Depending on the type of pillow and the desired use, pillows are stuffed with various mat... Read More »

What is this stuff called?

The foggers or bug bombs only fill a given space. So you may need more than one or even several to fill the house with bug spray. Calculate the air volume inside your house and buy enough cans to d... Read More »