What is stove coal?

Answer A coal stove can effectively cook food using coal for fuel. It can also heat a room or an entire house. It is vital to find out which coal burns best, safest and cleanest in the coal stove you sele... Read More »

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Which is better: a coal stove or a pellet stove?

On One Hand: Pellet Stoves CleanerPellet stoves ignite quickly and are cleaner for the home environment. According to Wood Pellet Stoves, they do not produce smoke and the exterior of the stove is ... Read More »

Who invented the coal stove?

Jordan Mott is credited with creating the first coal stove in 1833. This stove was properly ventilated, allowing the coal to burn proficiently. Before Mott, Benjamin Franklin created an iron furnac... Read More »

How do I clean coal stove hoppers?

Heating Season CleaningWipe the hopper lid and bin exterior after every refill of the hopper and at least once a week with a dry cloth to remove coal dust that falls on the surface during coal tran... Read More »

Can you burn wood in a coal stove?

You cannot burn wood in a coal-burning stove. Coal-burning stoves do not meet the Environmental Protection Agency's regulations about emissions for burning wood. The EPA put these regulations in pl... Read More »