What is stevia blend?

Answer Stevia blends are sweeteners made from extracts of the stevia plant and other fillers. Sometimes these fillers are added to increase bulk, or improve flavor or texture.The Stevia PlantThe stevia pl... Read More »

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What is stevia extract?

Related to the chrysanthemum flower, stevia is a plant native to the South American countries of Paraguay and Brazil. Stevia extract is commonly used as an alternative sweetener or sugar substitute... Read More »

What is stevia herb?

Stevia---from the plant Stevia rebaudiana---is a natural sweetener. Often referred to as Sweetleaf, South Americans have used stevia to sweeten bitter foods and beverages.IdentificationStevia is a ... Read More »

What is a stevia plant?

You may know stevia as a natural sweetener. However, this refers to only one species of several stevia species. Stevia is native to the Americas, from South America to as far north as the American ... Read More »

What is stevia sweetener?

Stevia is a native South American herb prized for its intense natural sweetness. Stevia leaves are estimated to be 10 to 15 times sweeter than sugar, and their extract may be up to 300 times sweete... Read More »