What is stevia blend?

Answer Stevia blends are sweeteners made from extracts of the stevia plant and other fillers. Sometimes these fillers are added to increase bulk, or improve flavor or texture.The Stevia PlantThe stevia pl... Read More »

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How to Use Stevia?

Stevia, also referred to as sweet leaf, is a perennial shrub with leaves that are sweet to the taste. Used for centuries around the world, individuals who use stevia typically are diabetics, the ca... Read More »

Uses for Stevia?

A product that can satisfy the sweet tooth without adding calories, carbohydrates, or chemicals to the diet sounds like an impossible dream. In fact, the unassuming little stevia plant has been doi... Read More »

Is Stevia approved by the FDA?

Stevia is an herbal sweetener that can be harvested in South America, and is an FDA approved substance. Because the FDA had not adequately studied Stevia, it was not FDA approved for use in the Uni... Read More »

Is there anything harmful about Stevia?

No. Stevia itself is safe, but some stevia companies add additives that you may have reactions to if you are sensitive to it. Stevia products different in taste and quality, if you've used one, yo... Read More »