Which director do you like more, Steven Spielberg or Steven Soderbergh?

Answer Steven SpielbergBQ :Steven Spielberg :1) Saving Private Ryan2) Jaws3) ET4) Catch Me If You Can5) Raiders of the Lost ArkSteven Soderbergh :1) Oceans Eleven2) Oceans Twelve3) Oceans Thirteen4) Traff... Read More »

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How old was Jim Hawkins?

He was twelve I think, he always looks about fourteen to me in all the films but if you've seen return to treasure island it says, "Jim Hawkins was twelve when he......" Blah blah blah you get the ... Read More »

'Hawkins'- the hero is of which novel?

What is the origin of the name Hawkins?

The surname Hawkins has English and Irish roots with several meanings. It is a diminutive of the word "hawk." It can also denote a family from Hawkinge, an English town meaning "place of the hawks.... Read More »

How to Ask a Guy to the Sadie Hawkins Dance?

This is the most-feared dance of all high school girls!! Why?? Because you have to actually ASK THE GUY!!! AND wear matching shirts!!! OH NO!!! Don't panic, girls; these tips will help you survive ... Read More »