How to Make Steak Tartare?

Answer A traditional and exquisite starter dish suitable for dinner parties and special occasion meals. The beef used must be fresh, of top quality, and ground just as you're about to prepare this recipe.... Read More »

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How long will steak tartare keep in fridge?

Steak tartare should only be prepped right before eating and isn't really designed to be made ahead. Leftover steak tartare isn't in anyone's best interest.I found one recipe that suggests grinding... Read More »

If you bought steak to a cookout and only hamburgers were cooked...should you ask for ur steak back?

Well, that would be bad manners. BUT if they didn't cook the steak, that's poor manners too. When you bring food or drink to someplace, they are supposed to serve it. If they don't, you don't sa... Read More »

Can you eat tartare sauce while pregnant?

Scientific studies show that mothers who eat tartar sauce while pregnant have babies whose brains are seriously underdeveloped. I highly advise you NOT to eat tartar sauce while pregnant.

How to Make Watermelon Tartare?

Watermelon tartare is a fun take on the steak tartare, only there's no meat and it's a dessert course instead of mains. Another lovely use for this dish is at afternoon tea parties, where a dainty,... Read More »