What is static random access memory?

Answer Static random access memory (commonly abbreviated SRAM) is a type of computer memory commonly used to increase the performance of a computer.FunctionSRAM stores digital information (1s and 0s) in a... Read More »

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Is static random access memory named SRAM?

Static Random Access Memory is SRAM. The "static" term contrasts with the fact that the data held in dynamic RAM (DRAM) must be refreshed constantly. The contents of SRAM stay until the power is tu... Read More »

What is random access memory?

Random access memory, or RAM, stores temporary information while a computer runs, allowing you to open and close programs. While hard drive storage will accomplish the same task, RAM operates at a ... Read More »

What is random access memory measured in?

Random access memory, or RAM, is a type of computer memory storage, usually in the form of an integrated circuit chip. The memory capacity measurement is in bytes, and typically ranges from several... Read More »

Why Is RAM Called Random Access Memory?

Random Access Memory (RAM) may seem a strange or illogical name at first glance. However, the name directly reflects the hardware's function within the computer and also serves the very important f... Read More »