What is starch?

Answer Answer Just a different word for carbohydrates, the stuff you find in bread and potatoes and pasta, which your body converts to glucose for energy. The words 'carbs' and 'carbohydrates' are very p... Read More »

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How to Heavy Starch Pants With Argo Laundry Starch?

Heavily starching pants with Argo Laundry Starch leaves the fabric crisp and wrinkle-free with a mildly stain resistant coating. The process takes a little bit longer than using an aerosol spray st... Read More »

Ok....if i don't have corn starch, can I use potato starch instead as a thickener?

Yes, you can. Make sure you dilute it in some cold water just as you would corn starch. If you don't you'll end up with lumpy food. The difference is: Potato starch has a neutral taste, and is an... Read More »

How do you get starch?

from grains and starchy vegetables like potatoes

How do you get rid of starch in a cap?

Andrew most caps when new do feel stiff to wear The peak part should remain stiffBut the part that fits on head will soften if you wash itI wash my husbands all time on a warm wash Just pull into s... Read More »