What is stack&tilt golf swing?

Answer Stack and Tilt is a golf swing model that contradicts much of the standard thinking among teaching professionals. The body remains "stacked" over the ball with no weight shift in the backswing, so ... Read More »

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How to Make Your Real Golf Swing Like Your Practice Golf Swing?

So many golfers ask themselves, "Why is my practice swing better than my real swing?" It's all about relaxation.

How to Get a Better Golf Swing?

Here is a drill for you to not only play better but to realize that to hit a ball well, you hardly need any power.

How to Add More Power to Your Golf Swing?

Tired of hitting the ball with your driver and have it go as far as your five iron? You don't have to settle with drives like that any longer.

How fast is a golf swing?

The speed of a golf swing is often affected by many factors, including the club used and wind speed. While professional golfers often register full swings exceeding 130 mph, the average golfer swin... Read More »