What is spy ware?

Answer Spyware is unwanted software installed on a computer that allows it to display advertisements and collect personal information without the user's permission. Spyware is often installed covertly whe... Read More »

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Are all Wagner Ware skillets marked Wagner Ware?

All Wagner Ware skillets are not marked "Wagner Ware." Before 1922, the company usually marked its products with "Sidney, Ohio" or just "Sidney, O."--the place of the skillets' creation. Another va... Read More »

What is Texas Ware?

The Plastic Manufacturing Company (PMC) in Texas marketed an inexpensive brand of melamine dinnerware known as Texas Ware (also called Dallas Ware) beginning in 1957. The colors and patterns availa... Read More »

What is granite ware?

Also known as Agate or Enamelware, graniteware was made of tin, and made into common kitchen utensils and cookware from the late 19th century through today.ColorsOriginally, graniteware was green o... Read More »

What is the best spy ware remover?

Babe is correct.Go to www.filehippo.comGet AdAware and SpyBot and AVG Anti-Spyware