What is sport knitting yarn?

Answer Yarn comes in a wide variety of weights and thicknesses. Over the years, the term "sport" yarn or "sport weight" yarn developed to refer to one of the lighter weight yarns. The Craft Yarn Council o... Read More »

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What is yarn over in knitting?

A yarn over in knitting is a way to add a stitch to the row you are working. To perform this maneuver, bring the working yarn in front of the knitting needle, then simply wrap the yarn around the ... Read More »

What does it mean to yarn over in knitting?

To yarn over in knitting is a method of increasing stitches. To perform a yarn over stitch, bring the yarn to the front of the needle as if completing a purl stitch, then knit the next stitch resul... Read More »

What does the term yarn over mean when knitting?

Yarn over means bringing the yarn to the front of the knitting (if it is not already there on a purl stitch) and then wrapping it around the needle. This creates an extra stitch, and is used to mak... Read More »

What do you do with the tail of yarn when you are knitting?

WeavingThe most common procedure for hiding the tail once a project is completed is to weave it into the project. Done at the end of the craft, it simply involves weaving the yarn up and down throu... Read More »