What is spore germination?

Answer Fungi use spores to reproduce. Germination is a process by which a fungus emerges from a spore and that occurs in three distinct stages. The resulting body is called a sporeling.DormancyWhen a matu... Read More »

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What is the difference between the germination of a bean seed&the germination of a corn seed?

The main difference between the germination process of bean and corn seeds is the spacing width in between each separate plant. Corn seeds need to be planted at least 6 inches apart, while bean see... Read More »

What is lobelia germination?

Lobelia is an annual flowering plant that, depending on variety, can shoot up a tall stem, or have a long trailing vine. It flowers in a variety of colors including blue, dark red and white. Lobeli... Read More »

What are the two seed germination?

Dicots are plants which germinate with two seeds: (

What is milky spore?

Japanese beetles are responsible for the destruction of a large range of garden plants. While chemical-based insecticides are initially successful in controlling this pest, more planet-friendly met... Read More »