What is spit made of?

Answer Saliva, commonly referred to as spit, is a mixture of mucus, water, enzymes and electrolytes. Saliva is secreted from the salivary glands inside the mouth. Saliva lubricates and cleans the mouth, a... Read More »

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If you're drinking mescal, do you take the worm at the bottom, shake it, and yell "spit it out, spit it out"?

Good one, you get a star. Thanks for the chuckle.

Do birds spit I keep finding spit on my Rosemary & the only one around are the birds that roost above it?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUENoone is spitting on your rosemary. well, no person, that is. what you see are spittlebug masses.MEADOW SPITTLEBUG.Philaenus spumariusgreenish bugs found within spittle... Read More »

How to Spit?

Sometimes you just need to spit. For example, perhaps you're running and your mouth gets dry and your saliva gets thick.

Do you choke on your own spit?