What is special forces training?

Answer Special forces training is a rigorous programming of armed forces courses across the United States. Candidates for special forces positions will receive specific training in unconventional warfare ... Read More »

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What special forces group has the longest basic training?

Not exactly. There are remote weapons stations - typically used for vehicle mounted weapons - but what they used in the movie was a Hollywood fabrication.

Elite Special Forces Training?

Special forces training differs with each branch of the military but also shares some similarities. The similarities include superior competence, above average fitness levels and a commitment to co... Read More »

How long is special forces training?

Army Special Forces Training consists of series of schools and courses. All special forces candidates must complete Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, Army Airborne School, Specia... Read More »

Special Forces Training Schools?

To become a Special Forces soldier, you have to complete several trainings and courses that will make you ready for missions all over the world. These missions vary from counter-terrorism to unconv... Read More »