What is special about rhino horns?

Answer Rhinoceros horns have been valued for centuries for their beautiful appearance when carved and supposed medicinal properties. According to the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), however, studies ha... Read More »

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Who do you complain to about train noise They blow their horns at all hours of the night.?

Petition your town. The Federal government has created a way towns can apply for a "quiet zone". Otherwise Federal law requires they blow the horn.Here's the FRA's official page on the rules chan... Read More »

What is so special about blu-ray players?

Contrary to what others may say, Mable, there is NOT a huge difference in picture quality between Blu-Ray and DVD. It is noticeable, yes, but assuming you have a DVD player that up-converts from th... Read More »

What is so special about blu ray disc?

They are in pure high-definition: 1080 pixels. They can store up to 50GB of memory (5 times more than a DVD!). They have a special hard coat layer on the bottom that makes it way more resistant to ... Read More »

What was special about the 1981 IBM PC?

The IBM 5150 Personal Computer, introduced in August 1981, took the computer world by storm with its compact design, affordable price and attractive bundle of extras.SpecificationsThe IBM PC featur... Read More »