What is spay incontinence?

Answer Spay incontinence is a condition experienced by female dogs after they have been spayed, a procedure that renders them unable to have puppies. This condition can be very frustrating for pet owners.... Read More »

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What are the treatments for spay incontinence?

Incontinence refers to a dog's inability to control her bladder. Spay incontinence may occur in a female dog after being spayed. In fact, 20 percent of female dogs suffer from spay incontinence aft... Read More »

When he isn't being chased by Samoans what game show host is urging us to spay our pets?

Dog Spay and Infection?

As with most any surgery, dog spays have the potential for infection. During a dog spay, the abdomen is opened up, creating the opportunity for bacteria and other organism to enter the dog's body. ... Read More »

Can you spay a cat that is nursing?

It is possible to spay a cat while she's nursing her kittens, although most veterinarians wait until the litter is weaned for at least two weeks. Spaying a nursing cat is slightly more difficult, a... Read More »