How to Win in Competitive Sparring (Taekwondo)?

Answer Taking part in a taekwondo tournament may be something you might consider after having learnt taekwondo for some time. It breaks the monotony of training for the next belt grading, and the experien... Read More »

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How to Teach Yourself to Fight Better in Sparring?

There are many ways to advance and improve in your fighting abilities and some are faster than others. Far too many fighters think that it is enough to just learn the techniques or do sparring. Thi... Read More »

How to Be Relaxed During Sparring (Martial Arts)?

Being relaxed during sparring is something that every great boxer, kick boxer, or martial artist have in common. Being relaxed during sparring means having your muscles loosened up and your mind fo... Read More »

What is the sparring gear for tae-kwon-do called?

The sparring gear used in taekwondo competition does not have a collective name. Shin protectors cover the lower leg. Gloves cover the hands. The trunk protector covers the fighter's torso and is m... Read More »

Is there a type of Tai Chi that's just for relaxation, with out the sparring, engagement part? check it out :)