I like spanking and questions about spanking are suggested to go in this section. What should I do?

Answer You have come to the right take a number and bend over!

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I need some help with spanking!?

First off, there's nothing wrong with spanking unruly little boys. But the trick is not to spank in the middle of an ongoing fight but in a quiet atmosphere. Tell your son that he wil lget spanked ... Read More »


how can people really be this ignorant? I mean to think spanking is some magical punishment? Give me a break, it's only one option. You act as if it's spank or do nothing. There are many other ways... Read More »

Should Spanking be BANNED?

I'm all for it. For over 60 years all the research has shown that spanking is not an effective disciplinary tool. In the last 15 years with the help of MRI's it has been proved that it affects how ... Read More »

How to Give a Spanking?

So you've already decided that you are going to spank your child, but you want to know the general steps you should take first? Then read this article to learn how you can safely spank. It is impor... Read More »