I like spanking and questions about spanking are suggested to go in this section. What should I do?

Answer You have come to the right take a number and bend over!

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What makes spanking child abuse?

Spanking is not child abuse unless you do it with such force that it leaves bruises.

Since spanking is discouraged, what is the best method of correcting preschoolers?

I found it interesting that two people would rate "Julzz" answer with a thumbs down rating. That person's answer is right on target... if anyone uses spanking, yelling, etc. in a child care center... Read More »

What is the law in Michigan in regards to spanking children or smacking them in the face if not abusive?

depends on what you consider a spanking. A smack on the butt wont get you thrown in jail , a smack in the face might


how can people really be this ignorant? I mean to think spanking is some magical punishment? Give me a break, it's only one option. You act as if it's spank or do nothing. There are many other ways... Read More »