What is spanish moss?

Answer Spanish moss, also known as an air plant, relies on other plants for its existence. It can stunt the growth of the host plant, but it seldom kills it. Spanish moss shelters a wide variety of creatu... Read More »

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Does Spanish moss have a nucleus?

Spanish moss has a nucleus, which holds its DNA. It is considered a flowering plant (Angiosperm) and reproduces both by seeds and regeneration of fragments carried by wildlife onto a tree branch. W... Read More »

How do I kill spanish moss?

Stand on a ladder or use a long pole to pull Spanish moss out of the tree by hand. This works best for small trees. Dispose of the moss properly and do not compost.Rent a basket truck or cherry pic... Read More »

Oak Trees With Spanish Moss?

Spanish moss drapes its long, silvery growth from the tops of wide and stately live oak trees, named for their longevity and endurance during cold weather. Spanish moss --- which is not actually a ... Read More »

How do I clean Spanish moss?

Prepare for Outside UseSeparate the moss into manageable sections. Wash the moss outdoors in a bucket with a mixture of 1 tsp. dishwashing detergent for every gallon of warm water. Agitate the mos... Read More »