Is powdered milk sold in the market made of 100% cow milk with no additives?

Answer Yes, there are more than enough cows to produce all the powdered milk in the world.Most powdered milk is 100% cow's milk. Some brands have preservatives added. Look at the ingredients list on the l... Read More »

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Survey If you like hot chocolate do you prefer it made with water and a drop of milk or all milk or other?

First of all; woo scooter the magic squirrel answered this questionn!!! phaha what a legend.And now on to your question; what i had once in a hotel is in a small jug there was some milk and in the ... Read More »

What is silk milk made of?

Soybeans. There are also almond and coconut versions.

What are malted milk balls made of?

Malted milk balls are made of malt powder, which in turn is comprised primarily of ground malt grain. According to Bon Appetit, malt powder also contains powdered milk and wheat flour, and may cont... Read More »

What Products Are Made From Milk?

Milk, a common and important product, is not just found in gallon jugs in our refrigerators. Humans have been using the milk from particular mammals for thousands of years. Over the many centuries,... Read More »