How to Use Sour Milk?

Answer Yuk! The milk's gone sour! Rather than resorting to throwing out the curdled milk, it's still possible to make use of it. This article provides a few suggestions to help you experiment in the kitch... Read More »

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How to Use up Sour Milk for Hen Food?

Don't throw out that milk when it turns! It still has great potential as healthy hen food that will be returned to you as delicious eggs! This article explains how to best use it.Difficulty: Easy

How to Get Rid of a Sour Milk Smell in a Car?

If you have a sour milk smell in your car, it can be a serious distraction while you're driving and for your passengers. This embarrassing situation requires some investigative work to correct. Th... Read More »

Can you substitute sour cream for milk?

On One Hand: Sour Cream Is a Good Milk SubstituteIn most recipes, sour cream can be successfully substituted for milk as long as you take into account the acidity factor. Milk is sweeter, so when ... Read More »

How do you get the odor of sour milk out of carpet?

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