What is 'sour cherry tree' in Spanish?

Answer "Cerezo âcido," "Cerezo común," "Cerezo de Morello" or "Guindo" may be Spanish equivalents of "sour cherry tree" (Prunus cerasus).The sour cherry tree tends to mature to a height of about 13 - 32... Read More »

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What is wrong with my sour cherry tree?

I don't think it's japanese beatles. It's probably a disease of some sort I've seen many trees with the problem. I don't know if you can fix it or not though, sorry. Just know that it's not japanes... Read More »

What is the scientific name for the sour cherry tree?

Prunus cerasus is the scientific, Latin or binomial name for the sour cherry tree.The tree is native to Europe and northwest Asia. It tends to be problem-free other than to be an attractor of birds... Read More »

How to Make a Cherry Vodka Sour?

This popular cocktail is a great one to serve at your next cocktail party.

How do you grow a cherry tree from the seed of a cherry?

Put a cherry pit in the ground and water it regularly. Some kind of organic fertilizer might be helpful as well.