What is the highest sounding woodwind instrument?

Answer The piccolo plays an octave higher than the flute, making it the highest sounding woodwind instrument. Originally made of wood, the piccolo currently plays an integral part in many marching bands a... Read More »

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What is the best sounding floorstanding speaker you've ever owned?

Still is the Soundlab A1's Full range electrostatic loudspeaker. One of the best loudspeakers Ive ever heard still to this date and any price range.Of course you need exceptional equipment behind ... Read More »

What musical instrument does the psalmist describe as loud&high sounding in the bible?

Psalm 150 describes giving praise to the LORD God in his sanctuary with dance, voice and musical instruments. The King James Version uses the words "loud" and "high sounding" to describe brass cymb... Read More »

I know this question might come off sounding like i am clueless, but what does effaced mean (thank you)?

Dilation and effacement refer to the condition of the cervix during pregnancy and labor. Dilation refers to the opening of the cervix, while effacement refers to the "ripening" (thinning and softe... Read More »

What causes joints in the body to start sounding like they are popping with movement and being a little stiff?

Usually when joints start "popping" the protective cartilage is wearing away. You may be having the first noticeable signs of arthritis. Eventually, the bones within the joints are rubbing together... Read More »