What is sooo good about getting drunk?

Answer It's a dangerous feeling. I do not drink to get drunk, but it has happened. I've only had 3 beers in 7 months... so I'm well aware of how NOT to drink. Being drunk gives you the illusion that ev... Read More »

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What's the best thing about getting drunk?

gaining confidence, good way to have fun, i wouldnt dance without alcohol

Is there any point in getting drunk Be Serious! I'm 21 + have never been drunk. Am I missing out on anything?

I drink now, but used to be teetotal, and here's what I think:You can have a few drinks, and enjoy sensibly without having to get drunk. Alcohol can be a supremely enjoyable social lubricant, so I... Read More »

Im sooo scared!Im getting braces!Do they hurt?

CONGRATS ON GETTING BRACES!im getting mine off, FINALLY.haha, but yeah, had them for 3 freakin years.When i got my braces, the put the top ones only..after like 5 months I got my bottom.No needles,... Read More »

What are the good and bad things about getting a condo?

I have lived in a condo my entire life and here's my list of pros and cons:PROs:- little outdoor maintenance, no mowing lawns, shoveling snow, etc.- Association is usually liable for large repairs,... Read More »