What is something you have a craving for?

Answer Fish tacos♥ The place i use to get it from went out of business because of our wonderful economy♥

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I am craving for something sweet, what can I bake that's simple and tasty?

I'm having some graham crackers with leftover frosting on, so sweet and crunchy too!'

Nauseous, then craving something sweet?

You need to see your doctor.This can be a dietary problem, diabetes, hormones...lots of things, all needning something to change or be managed. Don't let this go for much monger. Call them Monday f... Read More »

Why am i craving salt then suddenky crave something sweet?

You might have a mineral deficiency and that's why you crave salty food. The sweets craving doesn't seem all that odd, try and see a nutritionist to find out if your daily diet is providing you wit... Read More »

Do you have a craving What is it?

SUPER VEGGIE BURRITO - made of warm brown rice, cooked black beans, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, onions, cilantro, juicy salsa and guacamole wrapped in whole wheat hot stoved tortilla.