What is something you can't relate to health?

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I have these weird health issues , does anyone relate or know what they may be?

Yikes! Sounds like you may have a connective tissue disorder. I'd start by seeing an orthopaedic doctor(one who works with joints). It would also be good to see a gynecologist regarding your period... Read More »

How to Relate to Someone?

Do you have troubles relating to people but just want to get along? Read on to find out more.

How to Relate?

Relating is not just talking to others. It involves an emotional process where we go about knowing others and being known by others. Much of how we relate also depends on how others perceive us and... Read More »

How to Relate to a Theist?

This article seeks to help atheists understand the viewpoint of theists and relate to them in a respectful way.