What is something you can't relate to health?

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I have these weird health issues , does anyone relate or know what they may be?

Yikes! Sounds like you may have a connective tissue disorder. I'd start by seeing an orthopaedic doctor(one who works with joints). It would also be good to see a gynecologist regarding your period... Read More »

How thick is 10mil in sheet copper I need to relate it to something I can understand like aluminum foil?

1 mil is 0.001 inches. So 10mil is 0.01 inches thick. I believe aluminum foil is about 0.5mil, so 10mil is approximately as thick as 20sheets of aluminum foil.

Is chase website down (cant log in, getting a something something undergoing maintanance blah blah)?

Yelp they are down.The problem is with one of their servers ,They carry a lot of secure transaction every minute of every day ..And one of the Sun server computers kind of got locked up and in the ... Read More »

What can or cant a home health aid in florida do....?

they can if they have specific certification to, but generally no. they can give a patient their meds, but only what's in their med box, and you can give them their insulin for them to do themselve... Read More »