What is something that you have put on your food that people wouldn't normally do?

Answer I dip sandwiches, chicken, pizza, fries, etc. in fry sauce which is 2 parts mayonnaise + 1 part ketchup.Or just mayo :) I put mustard on my salad, as well as on egg whites. And I dip my broccoli, c... Read More »

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Facebook profile visitors! has anyone else noticed that suddenly people on your friends list that are normally?

it has nothing to do with them looking at your profileread this

What is something that you keep in your refrigerator that starts with the letter a?

Apples, apple juice, apple cider, apricots, apple butter, asparagus, ahi, albacore,

Looking for title of kids video that was about kids stepping into a dream-like land and there was an evil queen and it might have had something to do with eating berries or something that grew on tree?

Garu doesn't talk because he took a vow not to. As far as I'm aware, Pucca doesn't because Garu doesn't. She probably decided to stay that way because she likes him so much.

What was the children's programme that had a scientist or something like that in it something about a castle and i remember two female vampire things i think?

The comedy-horror genre was a short-lived one on Kidvid and the censors objectedYou may be thinking of Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles-Frankenstein Junior was an oversized robot. I seem to reca... Read More »