What is something that tastes like sushi that I can eat to satisfy a sushi craving?

Answer raw fish.

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What are the more pricer sushi and sashimi pieces at a sushi buffet?

They are all include with the price of the buffet.

Can i use a sushi party mix to make regular sushi?

The word "sushi" simply means "vinegar rice" (su - vinegar; shi - rice) and describes steamed, rapidly cooled rice that is mixed with vinegar, sugar and salt and garnished with toppings. Any type o... Read More »

What can I do to satisfy your craving?

Weeks of cravings are at stake here...I see you standing there in the darkness waiting...waiting for something but you don't know what exactly. You have no idea what is waiting for you in the fogg... Read More »

Sushi: How much is too much?

Sushi isn't too bad for you.... its very low in fat. White rice isn't very nutritious and it turns to sugar as soon as it gets into your body. Plus, sushi rice is made with sugar. Seaweed and v... Read More »