What is something that could wake me up during my day at school?

Answer You say you're a night person, but I say that's simply a bad habit that can be broken. If caffeine doesn't keep you awake anymore you have a serious problem. You need good natural rest, eight or ni... Read More »

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New girfriend told me she had Jungle Fever when she was in high school. Is that something that I could catch?

I wouldn't worry about the jungle or rice patty fever as much as report monkey fever. I think you exist just to give me thumbs. Only to see me suffer and die again.

If you could feel anything under your bare feet what would that something be?

Bad Heart Burn, need something that could help?

Yes, do you have vinegar in the cupboard. Try vinegar mixed with a little honey, just a mouthful.

Is there a website that could tell me where i lost something?

Yes there is. I had the address written on a piece of paper but I seem to have lost it :P