How to Be Romantic with Your Girlfriend?

Answer Girls love romance; it's a fact! More often than not, your girl is hoping that you are cooking up a plan for a romantic date.

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How to Prepare a Romantic Meal for Your Girlfriend?

Whether your relationship is young and new or long and full of memories, preparing a romantic meal can bring you both on a more intimate level. According to well-known saying, a way to a man's hear... Read More »

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is diabetic, and your not, can they give you something, or anythingg?

DM is not contagious. If they have athlete's foot, then yes you could catch it if you both walk in the same wet shower. If they have strep throat of a staph infection then yes you could catch it,... Read More »

What are the Most Romantic Things a Teen Can Do for His Girlfriend?

Romantic gestures need not be costly, and even the smallest things can go a long way to show you care. Sometimes the least expensive but well thought-out gift will make a big impact, and the receiv... Read More »

How to Make Your Girlfriend Not Mad at You Even when You Do Something Stupid?

Hey guys are trying to figure out why your girlfriend is mad at you? Well the answer is you did something stupid. Like for example, forgetting her birthday, an anniversary, or just saying something... Read More »