OK...i had a brain fart and did something really stupid..Now i need to know if anyone knows how to fix it.?

Answer Please do not pour any boiling water down the drain to fix this. It will only move the problem further down the line to a more inaccessible location. It will take the removal of the p trap under th... Read More »

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I think she knows she is dying but its so hard...what do you talk about..?

Hi Rach - watching a loved one go through this sort of pain is so hard on everyone but you need to keep your strength up to be there for your cousin. If she wants to talk about her time coming to a... Read More »

What old cartoon is this...there was a boy and a seagull and something about a harbour I think his dad was dead or missing and maybe theres something to do with a flute or a dragon im not sure?

I cannot recall a Cartoon specifically on this line, though plots dealing with ( Daddy Hunts) were at times almost a staple in some juvenile films , this is rather HEAVY ballast for a cartoon show.... Read More »

What is your favorite website that nobody knows about?

If nobody knows about it, how can it be anyones favorite? What a stupid question!

What is so special about Mac Supposedly the "best" computer, but no one ever knows why.?

It's not 95% of the viruses are written for Windows computers, it's 100% of the viruses. There are over 1,000,000 released Windows viruses. There are no released MacOs X viruses. So they are safer ... Read More »