I hate the taste of alchohol but I want to make something really delicious for tonight..what is a good drink?

Answer Try something fruity - I'm thinking peach schnapps or malibu and add lots of juice too! Vodka is fine as long as you dont add too much! Have fun!

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I feel like chicken for dinner tonight, but i have no ideas what to prepare. I want something different. HELP!?

Take one half chicken breast per person, 1 med sweet green or red, or yellow pepper, mushrooms, sliced or quartered, celery, sliced thin, onions sliced thin. Saute the chicken till amlost done. Mov... Read More »

Who all is wearing something brand new tonight?

Yep.. rec'd a new teddy last week.. and it is hottt..

Im 15 and i want to save up for something. what would be something good to save up for?

Tell me something easy to make for Tea tonight.?

Quick and easy pizza4 big tortillas4 tomatoes150 g salami2 dl italian tomato sauce1 tablespoon oregano100 g grated cheese1. Preheat oven to 260 degrees Celsius2. Cut the tomatoes and salami into t... Read More »