Did something exciting happen to you today?

Answer Happy Monday to you Zebra....this is so exciting , I can hardly contain myself. They delivered our new ride on John Deere D-140 lawn mower yesterday. It was raining all day yesterday. But, today I ... Read More »

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Is there something wrong with the web today?

ISP might be on maintenanceor DNS issueit will be alright

Something wrong with google today?

They have a massive server error involving their maleware checker that is causing false positives. Even google is marked as harmful. I am sure they will fix it soon.

Moms, tell me something funny that happened to you today?

We have a new stroller which I have opened a few times quite easily. But today I just spent 10 minutes in the carpark of our shopping centre trying to open it! I gave up and then couldn't get it ... Read More »

My mom is coming over later today and i need to make something for dinner what should i make Please Help!!!?

Depends what type of food she likes (and you)!.I made an onion pie last week which was really good - you basically caramelise 4 red onions in a pan for about half an hour, then put into a pie dish,... Read More »